UPVC i-60 Series 2 Track 2 Panel Sliding Windows

UPVC i-60 Series 2 Track 2 Panel Sliding Windows
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Wintech i – 6o Series (sliding) Specifications
providing and fixing sliding windows/doors, fabricated from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) sections with brand name wintech
The profiles should be hollow, three chamber system which provides high insulation properties with outer frame 60mm x 45mm with an outer wall thickness of 2.2mm.
The window unit should be designed with all corner, joints mitred and fusion welded. Windows should be steel reinforced with 31x11mm & 23x20x5 mm steel reinforcement with a thickness of 1mm to have dimensional stability . The sash should be of 39 x 58mm.
The profiles should have co-extruded seals.
All the hardware like rollers, handles should be screwed with self tapping screws. The handles, locks should be designed so that they cannot be released from outside.
The window system should glazed with 5mm plain float glass.
The profiles should be cut to length and welded 45 degrees. The window unit should be designed such that the water drainage does not pass through the reinforcement chamber. The window system should be fixed directly to the brick wall using self expanding nylon plug and driving ms electroplated screws into plug.

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